Th!nkMCQ is from the house of Souvenir International (www.souvenirintl.com) the most trusted healthcare consultant in UAE, who is the pioneer in the recruitment of all qualified & efficient doctors in UAE and have a proven track record for almost decade of experience working closely with the UAE Medical council, and with healthcare providers all over UAE. Being one of the biggest & best online platforms in the region, Th!nkMCQ provides a range of services to help professionals achieve a higher score in their Gulf medical council examinations with the most updated & authentic MCQs along with the unlimited real-time mock test facility. All subjects and questions are delicately prepared as per the professional qualification requirement update of each medical council. Our test series aids professionals to deepen their knowledge & get on par with the competition.

It contains the most authentic and updated solved questions as per the real exam pattern with customized unlimited real-time mock test exams for health professionals such as Nurses & Allied Health, Dentist, and Doctors to easily cracking the respective Gulf medical council’s exams.

Being the established firm based in Dubai we have a good connection and experience in working closely with all the Gulf medical councils hence you will get the right updates about the medical council examination protocols. Also, our study materials are prepared by a panel of expert doctors as per the professional qualification requirement with updates from each medical council. While you are aiming to crack your medical council exam as fast as possible you don’t need to read the whole textbook since you have limited time. When it comes to computer-based exams there are basically 3 skills required: judgment skill, analysis skill and time management. To sharpen these skills you should practice multiple mock tests. However, your main goal is to get prepared well & crack your exam at the earliest, rather than wasting your time by continuously reading lots of books. As a safer and effective choice to realize your dream career at the earliest, you can buy our package which is definitely a stepping stone for your dream career!

Go to https://thinkmcq.com/ and pick your desired 'Medical Council Exam' and speciality, followed by clicking the 'Buy Now' button, and make the payment. Shortly after the payment, you will receive an email with login credentials and a receipt.

You will get an activation mail with the login credentials immediately after making a successful payment. Once you get the credentials, you can login to your dashboard with the username and password provided in the email.

Your subscription will be valid for 6 months from the date of purchase & you can renew before it expires, if needed.

As of now, we have a total of more than 3 lakh authentic solved MCQs with explanations in our entire packages and for each package one get access to numerous authentic solved MCQs with unlimited real-time mock test facility too.

Time is Money, Time is Opportunity! The earlier you get eligibility, the faster you get a job. The free online Prometric MCQ’s version isn't quite good enough with the exam pattern. Many of their answers are wrong with incomplete options. One cannot get assurance about the authenticity & accuracy of the questions & answers. As the number of people adding various PDFs online, it is not practical to download all such questions & compare them within limited hours, even if you may succeed but it will take a lot of time. After all, time is an opportunity to make the most of it. So one can’t blindly trust the free versions and there is no 100% guarantee that they are prepared from previous exams, and are monitored & filtered by an expert panel of experienced doctors. If you approach a professional consultant based company, they can offer valid and authenticated materials. Until an authorized and right professional agency is not disclosing the exact syllabus for the medical council examination you will never succeed in the examination.

In the end, your ultimate goal is to crack the exam at the earliest. So do not fall prey to these free online Prometric MCQ’s which may charge you a huge loss in your career. Whereas with th!nkMCQ, you will get the world's largest & most authentic MCQ data bank delicately prepared as per the professional qualification requirement with updates of each medical council & also have unlimited real-time mock tests facility with clarification & referral materials. Because we are fully into the business so we understand what is required and follow every update of the medical council, moreover we can guarantee the authenticity of our materials. Since we have a panel of experts screening and filtering the materials which are subject wise for organized preparation, which gives clear & authentic organized material in MCQ format. So you will always be getting the right materials & can completely trust the authenticity & accuracy of our study materials.

The mock test can be accessed by registered candidates only. Once login with credentials, candidates can access the online MCQ dashboard. To start the mock test, click on the Mock Test menu & choose activate test, now you can start solving the questions. After taking the test, you can immediately check your score.

Being a legal and legitimate organization in UAE and India, we make sure that every payment must safely be accounted for. As, we are the subsidiary brand of SOUVENIR INTERNATIONAL, the largest healthcare consultancy in UAE, we can assure full transparency & reliability in our services. We incorporate highly secured systems, tools, and payment gateway to ensure the privacy of our candidates’ personal data, card details and all other sensitive data are protected. Our server platform is highly secured with SSL protocol, KVM VPS Server Technology, and all other highest forms of security that ensures high-quality user experience and security while guaranteeing highly optimized resource isolation. I.e. allows multiple people to run on a single host system at the same time without leaving any errors or lag. That is we can assure you that you will get a safe, powerful, user-friendly platform with our high-end server access. So we safeguard that all financial transactions with our platform are smooth, secure, and hack-proof. Besides, with our brand value & authentic registration in UAE and India, we can assure that the identity and each payment of customers are secured. Being a responsible organization, we have no issues declaring who we are, and what we do, which is why we have been successful in building customer trust and loyalty in our long-term successful journey. So with us, you will get high transparency & security every step of the way!

As we know that the best way to crack the Prometric Exams is by practising maximum MCQs which can excel your time management skill. So we created the most updated, accurate, and authentic MCQs and also provided an unlimited real-time mock test facility which will help you to get more familiar with the type & nature of the question being asked in the Prometric exam! As well as giving you an insight into a live exam experience that is proven to be more helpful & works best for you. Mock tests will also provide feedback on your performance, which will help you to identify your strengths & weaknesses before you take an exam and give you an idea about time management and boost your confidence for the exam. So by subscribing to our package, it increases your winning chances!

If you are not aware of the actual exam pattern you will never succeed in the examination. Moreover, the syllabus of the Prometric exam is huge so studying without knowing the actual exam pattern from the randomly collected textbooks or questions from online, passing the exam can be a daunting task. So candidates should have a deep awareness of the pattern. This can be only obtained from an authorized professional company who discloses the exact exam pattern as they have a team of expert professionals who screen and carefully design materials to help candidates to pass their exams & increase their chances of ace the exam & to secure a medical job in the Gulf nations. Only by knowing exact exam patterns will it be quite easy to smoothly crack the Prometric exams. When you review the previous exam questions & keep practising our mock tests, it will make you more familiar with the type & nature of the question being asked in the Prometric exam which will raise your confidence for the exam & you will definitely clear the examination.