12 Aug2021

Golden visa granted for all Doctors in UAE | Time to start a rewarding career in UAE

All resident doctors in the UAE are now eligible to apply for a ‘Golden Visa,' a 10-year long-term residence visa. The golden visa is available to all doctors who are licensed by the UAE's health regulatory bodies. This will allow doctors & their families to live in the UAE for ten years, guaranteeing job security & the development of the healthcare industry. In line with the UAE's pioneering plans, the visa offer is part of the government's attempt to attract qualified healthcare professionals and create a better environment for creativity & innovation. By drawing & keeping the best medical talent, as well as creating opportunities for health care professionals to work & live in the UAE, this initiative upholds a productive work environment & better living standards.So, one thing is clear: with its plethora of add-on benefits, the UAE is the right place to start a dream medical career for those doctors looking for an attractive and rewarding career. Grab This Opportunity to Migrate to UAE by Cracking the Gulf Medical Council Exam at the Earliest If you want to have a successful professional career, the UAE is the best place to be. You will be able to take advantage of all of the UAE government's benefits and support. However, to practise in any Emirates of the UAE, doctors are expected to obtain a license from the particular medical council, such as HAAD (Abu Dubai), DHCC (Dubai Healthcare City), DHA (Dubai), MOH (for all other Emirates in the UAE), & so on. Each medical council has its own exam pattern to pass, so once you've passed them, you're officially qualified & can start looking for work in the UAE. You should be familiar with the actual exam format because this Gulf Medical Council examination is hard to pass. Furthermore, studying without first comprehending the actual exam pattern from randomly collected textbooks or online questions can be difficult due to the exam's extensive syllabus. As a result, candidates should have a thorough understanding of the pattern. This can only be accessed by a licensed professional company that discloses the exact exam pattern because they have a team of highly qualified specialists who screen & carefully design materials to assist aspirants in passing their exams and increase their chances of nailing the exam. Looking For Authentic Study Materials To Help You Ace Your Exam? If you are in search of the best service provider in the UAE for authentic study materials as per Gulf Medical Council requirements, find them right here on th!nkMCQ, the world's largest & most authentic MCQ data bank for Gulf Medical Council exams. We offer a variety of services to assist professionals in achieving a higher score on their Gulf medical council examinations by providing the most up-to-date and authentic MCQs, as well as unlimited real-time mock tests. All of our study materials are created by a panel of expert doctors in accordance with the professional qualification requirements, including updates from each medical council, and will help you pass the exam in any Gulf country. Multiple-choice questions, correct answers, & clarifications are all included in our MCQs. You'll gain a better understanding of the type and nature of the question as you answer more questions. Choose the right study materials for you and begin your exam preparation. So, in order to grab this golden visa opportunity for doctors, you must first pass the Gulf Medical Council exam using the best authentic study materials and, if needed, seek the assistance of the best healthcare consultants in the Middle East. Because getting placed and passing this exam requires a well-thought-out strategy, comprehensive study materials, and, of course, you must need complete process assistance for migrating to the UAE. Being the subsidiary brand of Souvenir International, th!nkMCQ is the best service provider for study materials where one can completely trust the authenticity & accuracy of our materials. Souvenir International is the leading and most trusted agency in the recruitment of qualified and efficient doctors in the UAE, with a proven track record of working closely with the UAE Medical Council and healthcare providers all over the UAE for almost a decade. So here you can achieve two aims at once; a valid licensing procedure as well as authentic study materials. Allow us to assist you in making decisions and finding the right job at the best hospitals in the UAE. Get ready to catch your dream career with us!

26 Jul2021

The Secret Behind Cracking the Gulf Medical Council Exams

If you are a medical professional who dreams of practicing in the Gulf countries, the first hurdle you need to cross is the medical council exams. Every year, thousands of medical professionals from expatriate countries give the MCQ-based exam hoping to build a coveted career here. However, only a few get in. Many have to give repeated attempts. Despite putting in many months andyears into studying the topics, how can this happen! You can read all the books and study materials you want, if you don't work on these three aspects ie.Time management, Analysis Skill, and judgment skills. Your chances of winning a computer-based MCQ exam will remain slim. With the right strategy and right attitude, you can pass the Gulf Medical Council exams on your first attempt. We are here to help you with that. 4 tips to crack the Gulf Medical Council exams on your first attempt It's not always the amount of time you spend, but how efficiently you spend your time, that leads to success. Regardless of your profession or area of specialization, these tips will help you crack the Gulf Medical Council exams. 1. Know the exam pattern The first step for the preparation of any exam is to know the syllabus beforehand. Download the syllabus and stick to it. It may look vast given the nature of the subject. However, the good news is, Gulf Medical Council Exams are objective. Going through the previous years' questions (PYQs) will help you get a good grasp of the exam pattern. Be clear about the areas that you need to focus on the most and the areas that are not worth spending time on. You can judiciously set your schedule accordingly. There are also certain questions that are repeated every other year. By practicing the PYQs, you can lock the marks for those questions. 2. Understand the fundamental concepts and theories. It is important to ensure that you are clear about the fundamental concepts and theories in the topics to be covered. While this will not guarantee you success, it will make the learning process easier. This way, you are not just memorizing your answers. When you have got around the fundamental principles behind a topic, they will help you answer each question with clarity. That is not to say you have to go through your long stack of books line by line during preparation. Whenever you come across a question that you are not familiar with, revise the fundamental idea behind it. And move on. 3. Practice MCQs If one were to study all the topics mentioned in the Gulf Medical Council Exam syllabus, it will take months just to cover them once. There is no way one can revise all the theories in the respective subjects before giving an exam. That is not a wise use of time. Especially when the exam is just a few months or weeks away. Our goal here is to pass the exam on the first attempt. And the answer is MCQs. If there is one sure shot method to cracking Gulf Medical Council Exams, it is to practice, practice, and practice Multiple Choice Questions. Easy, fast, and efficient. While going through theory papers will put you to sleep in a matter of minutes, practicing MCQ questions will be fun. Looking for a reliable MCQ bank? th!nkMCQoffers the world's largest and most authentic MCQ banks for Gulf Medical Council exams. 4. Give mock tests The duration of Gulf Medical Council exams varies from 75 minutes to 3 hours depending upon each country's medical council along with your medical profession and specialty. As much as you need to practice the questions, you need to practice giving the exam. Time is a crucial factor here. You need to be able to attempt as many right questions as you can in the stipulated time. How to do that? th!nkMCQ offers computer-based mock tests on its platform to help candidates sharpen their time management, analytical, and judgment skills. th!nkMCQ mock exams cover an extensive syllabus under various exams assigned by respective medical councils. There is no limit on the number of exams you can attempt. While giving your exam, always attempt the easiest questions first. You can go back to the difficult ones later. If you spend all your time on difficult questions first, you won't have any left to attempt the questions that you know. Lock the questions you are certain about first and then move on. This way, you have a higher chance of cracking the exam. Keep track of your marks from day 1 to get a clear idea about how far you have come. Identify your weak points and work on them. You will get there. Get started with th!nkMCQ th!nkMCQ is an innovative platform dedicated to helping medical professionals crack the Gulf Medical Council exams. They have an in-house research team of skilled professionals from various healthcare fields who help prepare the question banks. The questions are segregated under various heads to help you with hassle-free organized preparation. As you may be aware, the pattern of Gulf Medical Council exams changes from time to time. One factor that has contributed to the immense success of th!nkMCQ is the regular updates they make keeping in line with the notifications from each medical council. With th!nkMCQ, you don't have to worry about falling behind. th!nkMCQ offers extensive, reliable, and authentic materials to help you step foot into a dream medical career in the Gulf countries. Kickstart your preparations today!  

14 Jul2021

Step by Step procedure for getting a prometric exam for your SCFHS License

Healthcare professionals are needed to clear a Prometric exam to get their professional license & to practice in Gulf nations. Licensing in Saudi Arabia is taken through the SCFHS (Saudi Commission for Health Specialties).For getting the Prometric for SCFHS, here we narrow down the step-by-step procedure, take a look into it. Register with Mumaris Plus The initial step is to sign up for Mumaris Plus, the unified portal for all SCFHS services & are needed to make an application on Mumaris Plus.Then complete the Classification  & Registration procedure. When this process is finished then the SCFHS credentialing group will notify you for the Prometric tests & send you the communication via your registered email address given under your profile on Mumaris Plus. Schedule an Exam The following step is to schedule your Prometric exam. It might require some time for you to get the SMS that a connection has been sent to your email. Make sure you use a computer & click the link found in the email. When you click on the given link, it will take you to the Prometric site. Pick the appropriate options on the site & you can schedule the Prometric exam. Take the Exam At last, ensure that you're at the test place at least 45 minutes before your time.  Bring your booking confirmation print with you on the test date. Also, don’t forget to carry your passport or a valid & official id. You will be approached to empty your pockets & to store your belongings in storage they will give. The testing centre will supply you with any scratch papers that you may require. You will get your test outcomes whenever you're finished. If you have decided to go with your application for a job in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. All your documents are ready, & your funds are on a stand-in for miscellaneous payments & you are now seeking any help to complete this procedure. As we know that there are various steps should cross for getting this & the whole process might overwhelm you, so it is better to proceed this with the help of any best health care consultancy in UAE.  For this, you contact the best choice th!nkMCQ, when you need to prepare for Prometric Exams in Gulf nations. Once you can approach us, we can initiate the process & you just need to send  us your required documents. We provide the best-advanced study materials for clearing the Prometric exam. Our services are reliable & one can blindly trust us for turning their career aspirations into reality.

14 Jul2021

Best tips to pass the prometric exam for Nurses

Prometric Examination is an assessment which nurses want to qualify to work in Saudi, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Dubai & other gulf countries. Dataflow (PSV) is likewise required for the same. To pass a Prometric exam is definitely not an easy task. The best way to pass the Prometric exam for Nurses is to follow these important tips before one takes part in the Prometric examination. Take the Exam Seriously While most people think that the Prometric Exam is very easy than the NCLEX, you would not take this exam lightly & need to study as much nursing concepts as you can. Sharpen Your Test-Taking Abilities Most importantly don’t skip any basic topics; however, the questions were defined in a risky way, so you need to improve your decision-making abilities just as sharpen your test-taking technique. Practice Questions as Much as Possible As per the individuals who have taken the Prometric test, this exam is designed after the NCLEX. So, get your hands on as many practice inquiries as possible. By practising, you can review yourself on how you answer, find your qualities & shortcomings. Likewise, you can make yourself alright with computer-generated tests. Ultimately, remember the rationales. Continuously set aside some effort to read  & comprehend the rationale behind the appropriate answer. Get Thoroughly with Fundamental Nursing Concepts Familiarize repetitively yourself with fundamental nursing concepts since large numbers of those are covered in the Prometric examination. Additionally, take time to review Pediatrics, Medical-Surgical, Community and Fundamental Nursing concepts. Similarly, you must have a thorough idea about computations & lab values, yet many think that the chances to appear this type of topic are rare, but you don’t need to leave any chances to take the risk. Mark Those Unsure Answers You can mark those answers to questions that you were unsure of & later when you get time, you can go back to complete it. Wisely Use Your Time You will just have 2 hours to complete the 70-item Prometric exam. Figure out how to deal with your time admirably, don't harp a lot on an inquiry you find excessively confusing. As said before, you can return to it if you have time. You will know the leftover time as there is a clock on the upper right corner of the PC screen. Whenever you're done, you can click END and the screen will post your score, at that moment. As we know that Prometric examination is not easy. To qualify this, you have to prepare well before this exam by using the best study materials & also it is better to take the help of the best Healthcare consultants in the Middle East to clear this. Because a proper strategy and a complete study material are mandatory to clear this exam. So, if you need any help,  you can connect with th!nkMCQTM, the reliable & the most trusted service provider in UAE for Prometric preparation study Materials. We provide accurate & updated MCQ’s that have been certified by industry experts which will aid you to crack the Prometric exam for all Gulf nations. Our MCQ's comprises various multiple-choice questions, right answers, & clarifications. The more inquiries you tackle and the more you know about the sort & nature of the question being posed. Select the study materials that match you & begin preparing for your Prometric test today.

13 Jul2021

Want To Crack Moh Exam In First Attempt?

All healthcare professionals who pursue to work in the United Arab Emirates should appear for MOH examination & get eligible for work in UAE. To crack the MOH exams in the first attempt, candidates should initially have to make a strong plan to study. It is vital to have a proper plan to get ready for the tests. Candidates should likewise begin their preparation as early as possible. This will guarantee they have sufficient opportunity to study & fully revise each subject & maintain a strategic distance from the inconvenience. They should know the most recent syllabus, questioning trends, exam patterns & select study materials or books accordingly. Solving sample papers & previous question papers is also needed to crack the MOH exam in the first attempt. Candidates must solve question papers in a timed way to become familiar with the questioning trends, exam pattern, difficulty level, and so forth. They should take mock tests & examine their performance on a steady basis, need to find out the weak sections & should work on improving. Candidates must revise each topic several times before the examination. They ought to plan short notes while learning for quick revision of the subjects & concepts they study. So, preparing for the exam needs firm determination, a good attitude, willingness to learn, & last not least the right & updated preparatory materials. If you are looking for the best service provider in UAE for MOH preparation study materials, then you should connect with th!nkMCQ®?. We provide complete assistance comprising exam registration, exam coaching & data flow process, etc. Our study materials are most popular certified by industry experts. Think of, a dedicated & focused exam preparation in a reliable way that is sure to yield results. So, stay confident & optimistic, contact us today for getting a good career break.