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12 Aug2021

Golden visa granted for all Doctors in UAE | Time to start a rewarding career in UAE

All resident doctors in the UAE are now eligible to apply for Golden Visa a 10 year long-term residence visa. The golden visa is available to all doctors who are licensed by the UAE's health regulatory bodies. This will allow doctors & their families to live in the UAE for ten years, guaranteeing job security & the development of the healthcare industry. In line with the UAE's pioneering plans, the visa offer is part of the government's attempt to attract qualified healthcare professionals and create a better environment for creativity & innovation. By drawing & keeping the best medical talent, as well as creating opportunities for health care professionals to work & live in the UAE, this initiative upholds a productive work environment & better living standards.So, one thing is clear: with its plethora of add-on benefits, the UAE is the right place to start a dream medical career for those doctors looking for an attractive and rewarding career.

Grab This Opportunity to Migrate to UAE by Cracking the Gulf Medical Council Exam at the Earliest

If you want to have a successful professional career, the UAE is the best place to be. You will be able to take advantage of all of the UAE government's benefits and support. However, to practise in any Emirates of the UAE, doctors are expected to obtain a license from the particular medical council, such as HAAD (Abu Dubai), DHCC (Dubai Healthcare City), DHA (Dubai), MOH (for all other Emirates in the UAE), & so on. Each medical council has its own exam pattern to pass, so once you've passed them, you're officially qualified & can start looking for work in the UAE. You should be familiar with the actual exam format because this Gulf Medical Council examination is hard to pass. Furthermore, studying without first comprehending the actual exam pattern from randomly collected textbooks or online questions can be difficult due to the exam's extensive syllabus. As a result, candidates should have a thorough understanding of the pattern. This can only be accessed by a licensed professional company that discloses the exact exam pattern because they have a team of highly qualified specialists who screen & carefully design materials to assist aspirants in passing their exams and increase their chances of nailing the exam.

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So, in order to grab this golden visa opportunity for doctors, you must first pass the Gulf Medical Council exam using the best authentic study materials and, if needed, seek the assistance of the best healthcare consultants in the Middle East. Because getting placed and passing this exam requires a well-thought-out strategy, comprehensive study materials, and, of course, you must need complete process assistance for migrating to the UAE. Being the subsidiary brand of Souvenir International, th!nkMCQ is the best service provider for study materials where one can completely trust the authenticity & accuracy of our materials. Souvenir International is the leading and most trusted agency in the recruitment of qualified and efficient doctors in the UAE, with a proven track record of working closely with the UAE Medical Council and healthcare providers all over the UAE for almost a decade. So here you can achieve two aims at once; a valid licensing procedure as well as authentic study materials. Allow us to assist you in making decisions and finding the right job at the best hospitals in the UAE.

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