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21 Mar2022

What are the Different UAE Medical License Exams for Foreigners?

A medical job in the UAE is a huge aspiration for many people. Thousands of individuals are working hard to obtain these jobs and to live happy life here. The United Arab Emirates is a highly welcoming country to expats from all over the world. It is also one of the few countries that place equal value on all cultures, traditions, and customs. It has a well-developed healthcare infrastructure with sophisticated and easily accessible medical facilities. A large number of people have landed medical positions and have a delightful lifestyle thanks to the UAE qualification exam for healthcare professionals.

What is the UAE Medical Council Examination?

Every country has its own set of rules and regulations, and it's critical that you grasp the licensing procedures in each one to ensure that the healthcare system runs smoothly. The UAE differs from many other countries in that there is no unified healthcare licensing authority. Physicians, dentists, nurses, midwives, and other health workers must be licensed in both the private and public sectors.

Obtaining a medical license in the United Arab Emirates differs depending on which emirate you want to work in and live in. Based on your field of expertise, you may be required to complete assessments, background checks, certificates of good standing, and a certain number of years of practice. After completing your bachelor's or master's degree in medicine, you must have completed the UAE Medical Council Protocol's minimum work experience requirement.


Types of Licensing Exam Available in the UAE

In the UAE, there are four categories of licenses that allow healthcare professionals to work. It depends on where you work in the UAE, such as DHA, HAAD, DHCC, and the MOH, Ministry of Health. If you pass these exams, you will be able to apply for jobs in the UAE.

  • Dubai Health Authority (DHA): DHA licensing exam allows you to practice in the city of Dubai only.
  • Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD): HAAD license allows you to practice in the cities of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.
  • Dubai Health Care City (DHCC): DHCC license exam is a separate license by Harvard International. This license allows you to practice only within the DHCC free zone and nowhere else in Dubai.
  • Ministry of Health (MOH): MOH medical licensing exam allows you to practice in the cities of Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Umm Al Quwain.


Requirements for Healthcare Professional Licensing

The Professional Qualification Requirements (PQR) for healthcare professional licensing applications vary according to the profession of the applicant. Applications for the Prometric exams in the UAE can also be submitted online. It requires aspirants to fill in certain requirements along with necessary certificate uploads. We at th!nkMCQ will help you throughout the complete licensing process. th!nkMCQ completes the full online registration process for your professional license on your behalf with your personal and professional information and uploads all the required documents. We, therefore, provide efficiency and effectiveness in the best possible manner by reducing your burden, efforts, and time required to spend on the licensing process.


Study Materials for Medical Council Exams
You can do the UAE medical council exam preparations with th!nkMCQ, the best hub to procure the latest study materials for Computer Based Test (CBT) in Gulf Countries. The Prometric exam study material is prepared by our in-house research team of competent specialists from several healthcare sectors. Multiple-choice questions, correct answers, and explanations are all included. Our Prometric MCQ study material is updated with the right answers and explanations on a regular basis.

All healthcare professionals, including doctors, dentists, and nurses, as well as allied health professionals such as pharmacists, physiotherapists, radiologists, medical laboratory technicians, medical lab technologists, and general dentistry, can benefit from our Computer Based Test (CBT) questions. The precise and up-to-date MCQs will help you prepare for your next CBT, whether it's the DHA Exam, DHCC Exam, MOH Exam, HAAD Exam in the UAE, OMSB-Oman Prometric exam, SCFHS-Saudi license exam, QCHP-Qatar licensing exam, NHRA Prometric exam in Bahrain, or Ministry of Health-Kuwait.

Summing Up

The UAE is a popular location for foreigners from all across the world, particularly those looking for medical employment. Each of the UAE's emirates has its own set of examinations, and if you pass any of the above-mentioned assessments, you can work as a healthcare professional in that emirate. All of the tests have a similar examination structure that can be easily cracked with appropriate preparation. You can earn a lot of money as well as enjoy a lavish lifestyle.

Training for the UAE qualifying exam for healthcare professionals takes a great deal of dedication, a good outlook, motivation for learning, and, of course, clear, correct, and up-to-date materials. You don't have to be concerned about falling behind with th!nkMCQ. We provide comprehensive, dependable, and authentic Medical Council study materials to assist you in achieving your goal of pursuing a medical career. Let us assist you in setting priorities and securing a position at one of the best hospitals in the UAE by helping you excel in your UAE medical council exam preparations.

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