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14 Jul2021

Best tips to pass the prometric exam for Nurses

Prometric Examination is an assessment which nurses want to qualify to work in Saudi, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Dubai and other gulf countries. Dataflow (PSV) is likewise required for the same. To pass a Prometric exam is definitely not an easy task. The best way to pass the Prometric exam for Nurses is to follow these important tips before one takes part in the Prometric examination.

Take the Exam Seriously

While most people think that the Prometric Exam is very easy than the NCLEX, you would not take this exam lightly & need to study as much nursing concepts as you can.

Sharpen Your Test-Taking Abilities

Most importantly don’t skip any basic topics; however, the questions were defined in a risky way, so you need to improve your decision-making abilities just as sharpen your test-taking technique.

Practice Questions as Much as Possible

As per the individuals who have taken the Prometric test, this exam is designed after the NCLEX. So, get your hands on as many practice inquiries as possible. By practising, you can review yourself on how you answer, find your qualities & shortcomings. Likewise, you can make yourself alright with computer-generated tests. Ultimately, remember the rationales. Continuously set aside some effort to read  & comprehend the rationale behind the appropriate answer.

Get Thoroughly with Fundamental Nursing Concepts

Familiarize repetitively yourself with fundamental nursing concepts since large numbers of those are covered in the Prometric examination. Additionally, take time to review Pediatrics, Medical-Surgical, Community and Fundamental Nursing concepts. Similarly, you must have a thorough idea about computations & lab values, yet many think that the chances to appear this type of topic are rare, but you don’t need to leave any chances to take the risk.

Mark Those Unsure Answers

You can mark those answers to questions that you were unsure of & later when you get time, you can go back to complete it.

Wisely Use Your Time

You will just have 2 hours to complete the 70-item Prometric exam. Figure out how to deal with your time admirably, don't harp a lot on an inquiry you find excessively confusing. As said before, you can return to it if you have time. You will know the leftover time as there is a clock on the upper right corner of the PC screen. Whenever you're done, you can click END and the screen will post your score, at that moment.

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