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26 Jul2021

The Secret Behind Cracking the Gulf Medical Council Exams

If you are a medical professional who dreams of practicing in the Gulf countries, the first hurdle you need to cross is the medical council exams. Every year, thousands of medical professionals from expatriate countries give the MCQ-based exam hoping to build a coveted career here. However, only a few get in. Many have to give repeated attempts.

Despite putting in many months andyears into studying the topics, how can this happen!

You can read all the books and study materials you want, if you don't work on these three aspects ie.Time management, Analysis Skill, and judgment skills. Your chances of winning a computer-based MCQ exam will remain slim.

With the right strategy and right attitude, you can pass the Gulf Medical Council exams on your first attempt. We are here to help you with that.

4 tips to crack the Gulf Medical Council exams on your first attempt

It's not always the amount of time you spend, but how efficiently you spend your time, that leads to success. Regardless of your profession or area of specialization, these tips will help you crack the Gulf Medical Council exams.

1. Know the exam pattern

The first step for the preparation of any exam is to know the syllabus beforehand. Download the syllabus and stick to it. It may look vast given the nature of the subject. However, the good news is, Gulf Medical Council Exams are objective.

Going through the previous years' questions (PYQs) will help you get a good grasp of the exam pattern. Be clear about the areas that you need to focus on the most and the areas that are not worth spending time on. You can judiciously set your schedule accordingly. There are also certain questions that are repeated every other year. By practicing the PYQs, you can lock the marks for those questions.

2. Understand the fundamental concepts and theories.

It is important to ensure that you are clear about the fundamental concepts and theories in the topics to be covered. While this will not guarantee you success, it will make the learning process easier. This way, you are not just memorizing your answers. When you have got around the fundamental principles behind a topic, they will help you answer each question with clarity.

That is not to say you have to go through your long stack of books line by line during preparation. Whenever you come across a question that you are not familiar with, revise the fundamental idea behind it. And move on.

3. Practice MCQs

If one were to study all the topics mentioned in the Gulf Medical Council Exam syllabus, it will take months just to cover them once. There is no way one can revise all the theories in the respective subjects before giving an exam. That is not a wise use of time. Especially when the exam is just a few months or weeks away.

Our goal here is to pass the exam on the first attempt. And the answer is MCQs.

If there is one sure shot method to cracking Gulf Medical Council Exams, it is to practice, practice, and practice Multiple Choice Questions. Easy, fast, and efficient. While going through theory papers will put you to sleep in a matter of minutes, practicing MCQ questions will be fun.

Looking for a reliable MCQ bank?

th!nkMCQoffers the world's largest and most authentic MCQ banks for Gulf Medical Council exams.

4. Give mock tests

The duration of Gulf Medical Council exams varies from 75 minutes to 3 hours depending upon each country's medical council along with your medical profession and specialty.

As much as you need to practice the questions, you need to practice giving the exam. Time is a crucial factor here. You need to be able to attempt as many right questions as you can in the stipulated time.

How to do that?

th!nkMCQ offers computer-based mock tests on its platform to help candidates sharpen their time management, analytical, and judgment skills. th!nkMCQ mock exams cover an extensive syllabus under various exams assigned by respective medical councils. There is no limit on the number of exams you can attempt.

While giving your exam, always attempt the easiest questions first. You can go back to the difficult ones later. If you spend all your time on difficult questions first, you won't have any left to attempt the questions that you know. Lock the questions you are certain about first and then move on. This way, you have a higher chance of cracking the exam.

Keep track of your marks from day 1 to get a clear idea about how far you have come. Identify your weak points and work on them. You will get there.

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The questions are segregated under various heads to help you with hassle-free organized preparation. As you may be aware, the pattern of Gulf Medical Council exams changes from time to time. One factor that has contributed to the immense success of th!nkMCQ is the regular updates they make keeping in line with the notifications from each medical council.

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