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14 Jul2021

Step by Step procedure for getting a prometric exam for your SCFHS License

Healthcare professionals are needed to clear a Prometric exam to get their professional license & to practice in Gulf nations. Licensing in Saudi Arabia is taken through the SCFHS (Saudi Commission for Health Specialties).For getting the Prometric for SCFHS, here we narrow down the step-by-step procedure, take a look into it.

Register with Mumaris Plus

The initial step is to sign up for Mumaris Plus, the unified portal for all SCFHS services & are needed to make an application on Mumaris Plus.Then complete the Classification  & Registration procedure. When this process is finished then the SCFHS credentialing group will notify you for the Prometric tests & send you the communication via your registered email address given under your profile on Mumaris Plus.

Schedule an Exam

The following step is to schedule your Prometric exam. It might require some time for you to get the SMS that a connection has been sent to your email. Make sure you use a computer & click the link found in the email. When you click on the given link, it will take you to the Prometric site. Pick the appropriate options on the site & you can schedule the Prometric exam.

Take the Exam

At last, ensure that you're at the test place at least 45 minutes before your time.  Bring your booking confirmation print with you on the test date. Also, don’t forget to carry your passport or a valid & official id. You will be approached to empty your pockets & to store your belongings in storage they will give. The testing centre will supply you with any scratch papers that you may require. You will get your test outcomes whenever you're finished.

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